Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Partners with Angel MedFlight to Educate Healthcare Professionals

Angel MedFlight is teaming up with the #1 ranked rehabilitation hospital in the country to offer healthcare professionals a greater understanding of their patients’ journey of recovery. Angel MedFlight and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, ranked the nation’s top rehabilitation facility by US News & World Report since 1991, are collaborating on an educational series to provide hospital case managers and social workers with the skills to successfully assess patient needs, evaluate therapy options and coordinate critical care ground and air ambulance patient transfers.


As the rehabilitation leader, RIC sets the standard of care in post-acute settings through its innovative applied research and discovery programs, making the RIC team uniquely qualified to prepare and guide this valuable curriculum. Angel MedFlight’s extensive experience in critical care patient transfers around the world provides insight on what it takes to successfully coordinate and complete long distance patients’ transitions from facility to facility or even from a facility to the patient’s home.

Combined, the two organizations open a wide range of viable options for patient rehabilitation, giving healthcare professionals greater flexibility and opportunities to customize care based on patients’ needs versus geographic location. In addition, the class curriculum will offer helpful strategies to work with patients’ health insurance plans to secure pre-authorized benefit approvals for rehabilitation care, including in-patient therapy, outpatient care and the associated air medical transport.

“We are proud to partner with RIC to promote a greater understanding of the rehabilitation process and awareness of specialized therapies,” said Jason Siegert, Angel MedFlight President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are committed to helping patients access the best rehabilitation treatment possible for optimal outcomes, regardless of distance.”

Pace-seal-FINALClasses will be available at select conferences and through in-hospital presentations. After May 1, 2016, the sessions will be available online through two case management organizations. Professionals can find the first class of the series at the Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE) directory on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) website at Members of the American Case Management Association (ACMA) can also earn continuing education credit for taking the class online at the website


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The ACMA 2016 National Case Manager Conference

Angel MedFlight is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the American Case Management Association (ACMA). Since 2011, Angel MedFlight has been involved with ACMA, exhibiting at regional conferences nationwide. The highlight of every year is ACMA’s national conference, which unites case managers from across the country for five days of educational classes, networking sessions, and professional development opportunities.

ACMA combines knowledgeable speakers with relevant topics to provide an impressive curriculum. Case management professionals earn required continuing education credits and learn strategies to overcome the daily challenges they face in their work environments.  The conference also offers exciting insight on the pivotal role case managers play in future of healthcare.

ACMA’s 2015 conference was held in Arizona, Angel MedFlight’s home state.  This year, the Angel MedFlight team is headed to Tampa, Florida for the ACMA 23rd Annual Case Management Conference on April 2-6, 2016.

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My Real Life Moment – Steven Hill Story

In 2009, Steven Hill, then 33, experienced both an ischemic (blood clot) stroke and a hemorrhagic (ruptured blood vessel) stroke while on vacation in Jamaica. He was flown to Florida for life-saving surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the clot. The surgeon performed a craniectomy, the removal of a piece of the skull to allow for brain swelling. The bone flap could not be replaced for almost six months. Facing a lengthy recovery, healthcare professionals recommended the Hill family contact Angel MedFlight to provide Steven with an air medical transport for his continued care in New England. This is his inspiring journey of recovery from his initial flight in 2009 to Massachusetts through his efforts to increase stroke awareness in 2012 to his current physical rehabilitation accomplishments. Check out the original video on youtube at


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Former Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen’s Inspirational Recovery Continues

"Amy Van Dyken-Rouen’s continued recovery illustrates how hard work, determination and a positive attitude can impact healing.  In June 2014, the former Olympic swimmer sustained a spinal cord injury from a serious ATV accident, resulting in paralysis below her waist.



With her champion spirit still intact, Amy continues to impress all of those around her. She has become a spokeswoman for spinal cord injury research and travels extensively across the country to raise awareness and encourage health care professionals to keep working toward a cure.



In addition to her public appearances, she continues to make great strides in her personal recovery. Recently, she has advanced to walking short distances with the aid of leg braces and a walker.


See how her inspirational recovery began back in 2014, when Angel MedFlight first transferred Amy to Craig Hospital in Colorado to begin her amazing journey of rehabilitation and healing."


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International Tourist Destinations in Mexico

"Mexico is a country filled with endless history, loving inhabitants, and stunning natural scenery.  It is far, far more than the bustling, Americanized coastlines of Cabo and Cancun, and offers visitors from around the world a taste of a centuries-old culture that never ceases to amaze.

The city of Guadalajara is Mexico’s second biggest city, and offers the perfect first taste of Mexican culture for first-time visitors. Though several other cities throughout the state of Jalisco have retained their classic, un-industrialized essence, much of Guadalajara has been subject to a lot of urban change. However, this doesn’t make it any less wonderful.

A must-see sight is definitely the Cathedral, a landmark that towers over the city with its four adjacent plazas and rich religious history. If you find higher ground somewhere else in the city and look at the expansive skyline, you won’t be able to miss the cathedral’s twin pointed towers and central dome.


And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Mexico without putting your diet on hold and sampling some of the most incredible food the country has to offer. Guadalajara, like most Mexican cities, is filled with street vendors that often have the most authentic, flavorful homemade cuisine. The restaurants are also amazing, but a true Mexican experience isn’t complete without sitting on the curb enjoying a fresh plate of tacos al carbon or a classic elote.


Angel MedFlight frequently flies in and out of Mexico, and while we may not have had the time to stop for street tacos or enjoy live mariachi music, we know first-hand how much the beautiful country has to offer. If you find yourself or a loved one in a medical emergency while meandering through Tonala or sampling goods at the tequila distillery, know that you can count on Angel MedFlight Worldwide to transport you home with the utmost care."

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