Types Of Air Ambulances

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Criteria For Selecting Air Medical Transport Companies


You could encounter a situation at some point, when it is necessary to use a medical flight for transporting a patient who is unable to use a commercial flight and is too ill for land travel.  The person might need constant medical supervision and monitoring from trained and skilled medical flight staff.  Whenever this is needed, some key factors that need to be considered for medical flight services include comfort, speed and safety for the patient.


When you are searching, the service you need will primarily depend on the patient's condition and the special equipment needed.  Is the necessary equipment needed for the patient on board? The following equipment should come standard: cardiac life support, IVs, intubation equipment, suction, resuscitation equipment, cardiac defibrillator/monitor, ventilator, oxygen, stretchers and a wide selection of medications.


Experienced medical flight staff needs to be on board the aircraft to care for patients.  A first-rate air ambulance service will have a paramedic and flight nurse on board during a medical flight to care for the patient.  The in-flight medical crew needs to be very experienced and highly trained.  The flight crew also needs to have plenty of flight experience and be very knowledgeable about the aircraft.


When choosing the appropriate medical flight service, another very important factor is the type of aircraft that is involved.  Some companies use helicopters or small prop planes.  These kinds of aircraft don't have long distance capabilities and have to fly at low altitudes that can result in a choppy and uncomfortable flight for patients.  Fast modern jets, such as the Leaerjet 35 and Learjet 60 are used by the best medical flight companies.  These kinds of jets are a lot more efficient than helicopters and prop planes.  The jets feature state-of-the-art technology and are capable of flying as high as 51,000 feet and at close to supersonic speeds.  That means faster, smoother and safer medical flights.  They also provide more room for patients, family members and medical staff to travel comfortably.


You also should consider what types of extra services will be provided by the medical flight company.  Not too many services will act as a concierge for you and handle the entire process.  However, you do want to locate an excellent global air ambulance company offering bedside-to-bedside services.


This kind of company will manage the entire medical flight process from beginning to end for you.  They have case managers and expert flight coordinators who will work for you, speak with your company insurance company and get your medical flight approved.  Reputable companies will also provide medical flight staff to be there with you at each stage of the process.  There are so many different choices these days when it comes to medical flight companies. It is very important to find ones that treat patients as their top priority and offer exemplary service, comfort and safety.